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Kelly Noble Mirabella - Baby Got Bot
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Comment from : Kelly Noble Mirabella - Baby Got Bot

Gagea Dumitru
Comment from : Gagea Dumitru

Anjuli Gopalakrishna
Hi Kelly, I want to implement this for my client for a birthday coupon - 10 coupons each month. Should I be creating a separate sheet for each month?
Comment from : Anjuli Gopalakrishna

Ian Smith
Thank you so much for making this video!!!! Very Helpful!!!!!
Comment from : Ian Smith

Sahnawaz Khan
Hey kelly i have not found the Perform actions option or condition option in my dashboard how find it ?

Thanks & Regards

Comment from : Sahnawaz Khan

Matthew Kiely
Great tutorial. How can I test a flow to make sure it is working ?
Comment from : Matthew Kiely

Jorge Álvarez
Hi Kelly. I am using a sequence that sends a coupon code 23h after they interact with my bot. However I am now reading "Starting message of any sequence message shouldn't contain ads or promotional materials." Does this mean I am not able to send the coupon annymore?
Comment from : Jorge Álvarez

Genti Kajo
I did exactly what you show but I got the message sorry the coupons are finished, where I am doing wrong, I cant find
Comment from : Genti Kajo

Coway by Wan Mohd Afendi
How to get beta ManyChat new interface like you??
Comment from : Coway by Wan Mohd Afendi

sheri D.
Hi, Newbie with Manychat here...;) Thank you for the video, Kelly!
I've signed up with Coupon Carrier to use ManyChat + Facebook ads to do a giveaway coupon code for my Amazon product launch, however, I'm having issues importing the coupon codes into Manychat to run a test to see if the code are valid before I do an actually bots and I'm not having much luck. About to give up!!

Do I need this service to import my set of unique codes, and then do I need help to distribute them?
Base on your video, I don't need Coupon Carrier service but I can use the (google spreadsheet with my made-up manual coupon codes) to do a giveaway like 60% or 70 % and so on to Amazon potential customers..?

Thank you,

Comment from : sheri D.

sheri D.
Hi Vic
Comment from : sheri D.

James Code
Thanks for this video. you save my time and save my money( i googled around for the pro account coupon code but got nothing)
Comment from : James Code

David Drayton
This approach is so much easier than using Zonpages or Zapier to do the same thing. Thank you!
Comment from : David Drayton

If I only want to give out X amount of codes per day, are there ways to do it?
Comment from : Y T

Jimmy Le
Amazing tutorial Kelly! You are amazing! thank you for your A+ Efforts
Comment from : Jimmy Le

Vinny Ly
Literally a million dollar tutorial. This is gonna be so fun to implement. Thanks Kelly!!!!
Comment from : Vinny Ly

Ajay K
Thank you, this was awesome, I like the way you provide the steps and explain why you're doing it that way. I just used it on a giveaway, fingers crossed. I do have a question, the bot knows to go to the next id - but can we add another column to show the coupon code was used? How to do that? Thanks!
Comment from : Ajay K

Just Jason
Hey Kelly,

I was wondering do you ever experience on your backend when reading customer inquiry, they repetitively click a certain option and the messages never pops out in Manychat? I've been having this issues lately both from my free and pro version of Manychat. I've been using automation through default reply and JSON.

Comment from : Just Jason

Jerome Bonneville
Amazing and easy to follow :) Just upped my game so much thanks to you :D
Comment from : Jerome Bonneville

Awesome videos! I ran a successful giveaway based on this. Had a question - would it be possible to have two parallel giveaways going, where for example the languages were different? Basically two identical flows with different tags but same ID/Coupon code custom fields, I don't see why logically it wouldn't work - each time the bot id increases, and then if the other promotion pulled from the bot next, it would pull from the same bot id that has just increased and deliver the next coupon code in line. Or am I missing something? Thanks again for these videos, really great and clear content!
Comment from : hemmingn

Ash S
Kelly, I implemented a similar flow to distribute unique coupons through the Google Sheets integration on MC, but several people said that users can hack this and get several unique codes. IS this true?
Comment from : Ash S

Ayo D Adesanya
how do you reset the bot, so it starts from coupon 1 again, i've done testing, its great but i want to reset the bot.
Comment from : Ayo D Adesanya

Muhammad Hassan
You're a life saver!
i've been doing all of this using zapier and it made my life living hell! This all seems to be done in few steps using only manychat.
One last thing, I need to ask you for a huge favor, can you please quickly guide on how to add more custom fields and fetch more information of users like name, gender and more please?

Comment from : Muhammad Hassan

Ayo D Adesanya
Great video
Comment from : Ayo D Adesanya

Chris Destin
I'm running a coupon flow kinda similar to this except it doesn't deliver a unique coupon.

Anyways,I have a tag at the end of my flow that says "redeemed" and I have the google sheets action setup for it,but whenever I test it,all the columns receive the correct data except for the redeemed column and it'll only say true or false.Not sure what to do.

Comment from : Chris Destin

Pedro Antonio da Cruz Ferreira
Thumbs and GENIUS! ;-)
Comment from : Pedro Antonio da Cruz Ferreira

Oskar Skarpa
Great vid, thanks! Let's say the next day, I replenish the codes. How do I reset the Custom Bot Field back to 1?
Comment from : Oskar Skarpa

Thiago Pinto
Good work, I love your videos! Congrats
Comment from : Thiago Pinto

Leonard Palad
Nice! What i normally do with my condition is if the coupon id is equal or greater than 13 as per your googlesheet, if yes, they get a message, opps we run out of coupons...either way it works., thanks
Comment from : Leonard Palad

Great video, thanks Kelly! It's given me some good ideas 😀
Comment from : simian1001

Truffle Shuffle
I just started learning about bots and found you yesterday - I've been binge-watching your videos. I love how you explain everything and make it so easy to implement. Could you make a video on how to sell chatbots as a service?

One last question. In the spreadsheet is it possible to add the name of the user next to the coupon that they have been given after they have received their code?

Comment from : Truffle Shuffle

The Digital Gal
I love this!! I want to give all of my Group Members a unique coupon code to use for referrals. This helps! Thx Kelly 💪
Comment from : The Digital Gal

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