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Compound bows hunting, fish specie names, baked white fish with dill sauce, eel fishing long island, angelfish white film over eyes


Diamonique Smith
Everything looks good🍇💙
Comment from : Diamonique Smith

Stephanie Elliott
Comment from : Stephanie Elliott

Angel B.
Comment from : Angel B.

Lve the haul❤❤
Comment from : _KETO_ LATINA_

Jasmine Ferguson
Omg i love that sweater and as always loved your vlogs as well.
Comment from : Jasmine Ferguson

i hope u got a warranty! TAKE IT BACK
Comment from : TheCrownedLife

Steph M
I love your top 💙
Comment from : Steph M

Have you tried to call the manufacturer for the air fryer? That's not normal and they will probably replacement especially if you leave a bad review 💙
Comment from : alwayskrazy

Cassie Lewis
Comment from : Cassie Lewis

Hot Mess Momma MD
Comment from : Hot Mess Momma MD

Hot Mess Momma MD
Oh girl, your glowing. 💚💚💚💚
Comment from : Hot Mess Momma MD

It’s Ren
I’m loving your grocery hauls. 💙❄️💙
Comment from : It’s Ren

Lynetta Smith
Comment from : Lynetta Smith

I can’t even lie, them crispy red peppers is so fye on my salad!
Comment from : cmariebeauty_

Dominique Jones
I dont know sh** 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂😂 girl you keep me tripping 😅😅 💙💙
Comment from : Dominique Jones

Breanna Payne
New sub! Love your content 💚💚💚
Comment from : Breanna Payne

Tim and Toi_ TNT Real Talk
Comment from : Tim and Toi_ TNT Real Talk

Comment from : Patrice

Charittey Starr
Girl you just like me with these words 😂 Brioche- BREE- Oash. Purée- Pure- ay. 😂😂😂Girl I be like “Please correct me if I’m saying it wrong” 😂😂😂
Comment from : Charittey Starr

Meechie G
Comment from : Meechie G

Comment from : MeNaturally83

Tatyana Ware
You know you from Chicago. I think we are the only people who say “tata chips” instead of potato chips lol. #chitown
Comment from : Tatyana Ware

Indigay Baldwin
Comment from : Indigay Baldwin

Jenn S
I love that top. I have to say, you're one of my top youtubers. I enjoy you, Bear, and Bash 😊 💙💙💙💙💙
Comment from : Jenn S

Comment from : connoisseur14

50k Hai
Just when you were bragging about that damn air fryer when bear said don’t use his pots and pans lmaooo . It was him sis he broke it 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : 50k Hai

Comment from : anikaasia

A Jones
💙💙💙 BRITAIN BAYBEEEEE 😍 I wish I could come to your meet and greet. Hopefully you’ll do another one and give us non locals some time to get the funds in order. 😂
Comment from : A Jones

Cardinal Scruggs
Comment from : Cardinal Scruggs

Girl I'm screaming 😂😂😂😂 I was like who's Dela the damn air fryer lol I'm threw with you 😂😂😂 you made my day I needed that laugh.
Comment from : mzsparklediva

Mellonee Edgeston
Apple doesn’t have a blueberry emoji but I will leave a 💙 instead
Comment from : Mellonee Edgeston

Jennifer Bell
Walmart sell the red pepper salad topping as well. 💙💙💙
Comment from : Jennifer Bell

Comment from : LOC BEAUTI

peachy momma bear
Comment from : peachy momma bear

Toya Wilson
Comment from : Toya Wilson

feebaby 2U
Comment from : feebaby 2U

Comment from : NikkiJasmine

Love your what you eat in day. Will you try vegan recipes for a day or week would love to see what you come up with and if bear can deal!
Comment from : Her1journee

Tamika Lafayette
Comment from : Tamika Lafayette

Tylon Mckee
Comment from : Tylon Mckee

Mariah Smith
Comment from : Mariah Smith

Rhoda Jones
Comment from : Rhoda Jones

Marcia R.
Comment from : Marcia R.

Merle Sampson
Comment from : Merle Sampson

Merle Sampson
U are pretty...great haul..gods blessings
Comment from : Merle Sampson

dee richards
That is a pretty top there Britt!! Imma say it your pronounciations 😅 💚💚💚
Comment from : dee richards

Comment from : twebber26

Shai Love
Comment from : Shai Love

Shai Love
I ♥️ my Amazon prime
Comment from : Shai Love

Kaylene Boatman
🔹Speaking of protein. I've recently discovered these protein cinnamon roll covered almonds👌 They are made by "optimum nutrition". 🔹Satisfy ya sweet tooth and get sum protein in at the same time! 💙💚Love the video as ALWAYS 💚💙
Comment from : Kaylene Boatman

Chandra Dean
Comment from : Chandra Dean

Comment from : harriscierra41

June to September? That's less than 90 days, hunty! Make Della give you a new air fryer too! Lol #receipts #warranty
Comment from : SuchALady215

Tina Graves
Comment from : Tina Graves

Latoyia Guy
Comment from : Latoyia Guy

Toi L
I just wanna say that Brit.. you look so pretty!! 💙💙💙💙
Comment from : Toi L

karamelbuttafly karamelbuttafly
BLUEBERRY Cheerios is the bomb.com.💙 Strawberry is good too.
Comment from : karamelbuttafly karamelbuttafly

Comment from : Emerald_empress14

Michelle Ordonez
Comment from : Michelle Ordonez

Bertha Mitchell
Comment from : Bertha Mitchell

It's an A.J. World
Just when I thought Amazon Prime couldn’t get better... the snow flake queen comes through with a free coupon app that’s legit!!!! 💙💙💙
Comment from : It's an A.J. World

《Anna》 《V•》
Hey Britt, I love Amazon. Never knew about Vipon, thank you for sharing. You blew my mind on how to save more in amazon. Bless you, have a good weekend🙏💙💙
Comment from : 《Anna》 《V•》

Chanta Bullock
Target has an air fryer on sale this week
Comment from : Chanta Bullock

Trina B.
Comment from : Trina B.

OCW 2.0
💙 we love you 🥰
Comment from : OCW 2.0

Sandra  Campbell
Comment from : Sandra Campbell

The Good Cyn
Squad ❤❤❤ now let's see what we're eating this week!
Comment from : The Good Cyn

Jennifer rosiles
yaaaas right on time !!!! , ya girl just laid down on her brand new bed sheets 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Jennifer rosiles

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